Stop giving up - dont be another New Year give up!

Every January the fitness world see's an influx of "newbies" and most of these then are no where to be seen in why? Why do you give up? What prevents you turning it into a lifestyle?

You buy new trainers, new gym gear and have all the right why?

You need to ask yourself why and what are You going to do differently this year!?!?

My guess ad a fitness professional is one of a few things.

1. Everyone goes balls out to undo months of damage and burns out in a few weeks.

2. You haven't a clue what to do and are too embarrassed to ask for help.

3. You make way too many excuses.

Sound about right??

So this year fix it! Make 2016 the year you do change and stick to it! The fitness world is bigger than ever and 2016 is going to be an epic year for sports (Rio 2016) and Fitness. join in and get it sorted!!

How to fix it this year!!

1. Go slowly at it. Do NOT try to run a marathon in the first week! Don't just "go for a run" and see how far you can go or how quick a mile can take. Start of with 30 second bursts for instance (Jog 30 seconds, walk 30 seconds) and do this for 10 minutes? Don't try and do a zillion squats in one day, start with say 50 in a day and build it up each get the idea yea!

Take your time, ease your body and mind in slowly. Start off with say 30 minutes exercising maybe 3 times a week. Week 2 up it to 40 minutes and so on.

2. Get help!! See a Personal Trainer (PT) or join a class with a qualified instructor. Use them, learn from them (us). We haven't spent all these years learning, spending money to be educated and years of experience not be asked.... If it were easy to look trim and maintain a healthy lifestyle there would be no obesity. It isn't easy - so ASK!

3. I have come across every excuse I think exists! And at one point in my life I've used them too! However, one excuse makes the next one a bit easier to handle on the guilt scale and the next even easier. Before you know it, its March and you only have 6 weeks until you go on holiday and turn to some stupid goats urine diet 'cos Jane at work has lost 29lb in 3 days doing it! - Lets not go there yea!?!?

These are just the top 3 things that get in the way, there are bound to be more, however DO NOT MAKE EXCUSES; FIND SOLUTIONS!!!!

Feel free to ask questions or comment below to help you get the focus you need!

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GOOD LUCK FOR 2016!!!!


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