why Ladies Should Lift!

Why ladies should lift weights more than doing cardio exercise!
The first words out of a ladies mouth when I suggest they should weight train is “but I don’t want to look manly” or “I don’t want to get big muscles” or “I don’t want to look bulky”! Sound familiar? 
So time to put this one to bed, here are the many reasons why all Ladies should tackle the weights! 
1. It burns way more calories than cardio alone! 
Ok, to keep it simple, when we create nice “Defined and Lean” muscle, the body will naturally burn more calories to keep and protect it. Not only that, when you load the joints and contract the muscles with weights you are asking the body to work harder, thus more energy is used, thus more calories are utilised – that makes obvious sense; yes!?! And by calorie burn I am primarily talking about fat burn here! The body can utilise fat for fuel way more effectively when you weight train. 
Therefore, weight training with added cardio is a total winner in keeping the fat at bay! 
2. Ladies who lift sleep better. 
As those contractions and joint loads are placed on the body via weight training, the body works hard. At night time during sleep our bodies repair all the damage we have created through movement, stress etc. Therefore, the better we sleep the better we repair. SO by weight training  we are saying to our bodies “Dam girl get some deep sleep so I can repair you”! Therefore, a great night’s kip is gained! Boom!!
Ladies who lift and lift well and frequently can eat loads, without the same guilt! Now I’m not talking about kebabs and chips each night! All of my female clients that lift weights 5 times a week go on holiday for a fortnight and only put on a couple of pounds! Why? Well, back to number 1! Their bodies suck up the calories! Of course the right nutrition is key, however, all my female clients cannot believe how much food they can eat and still lose fat!
4. Health!!
There are so many health benefits to weight lifting. However the top 2 in my opinion are bone density and heart health. As you ladies get older and have more and more menstrual cycles, you lose valuable minerals such as iron and calcium each month. These loses greatly effect the body and primarily bones: Osteoporosis – heard of it?? Brittle bones is the more common term for this condition. As the body needs calcium to do a plethora of things, if you lose it and do not replace it adequately then the body will dip into its stores; your bones! Weight training forces the body to strengthen your bones, thus keeping them stronger and avoiding Osteoporosis. 
Secondly the heart is placed under stress when weight training and again an adaption of the body is to make it stronger to allow for this stress – and a stronger heart is always a WINNER! 
5. Stress reliever
Weight training alone will not cure your stress, however as you exercise and exercise effectively, you release hormones to counteract the stress hormones. Weight training, will produce a greater amount of these pleasant hormones and the harder you train  the more happy hormones you produce. However, as Number 2 is all about sleep, you will of course feel better due to the amount of sleep you gain. Therefore, a nice productive cycle begins and those stresses melt away and you can focus better. 
Now do not get me wrong, there are, as with all exercises pit falls and your weight is one of them! 
As you become stronger, leaner and move more, your very clever muscles become heavier. However, to save your boredom, watch this video to fully explain this correctly. 
A second pitfall is of course technique and learning how to use weights correctly to benefit your needs. So, I would highly recommend you get a fitness professional to show you before you start. 
Please remember that training weights will NOT make you look manly, unless you are taking something you shouldn’t be to boost your muscle growth! Ladies that lift are lean, strong and very healthy!
We hold regular 2 hour weight lifting workshops for those who just don't know what to do. These can be found at www.bookwhen.com/jellyfitness
These are always held in a closed gym, where no public is allowed. This will hopefully give you more confidence whilst learning from one of the best Personal Trainers in the area!
Please feel free to contact us at Jelly Fitness for more advice. 
Thanks for reading this, now share it to all your female friends and let’s put this to bed once and for all! 
Simon Gunn
Head Coach at Jelly Fitness Human Performance 

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  • Donna Alexander says...

    Brill article. Although I’m still a beginner in the world of lifting weights, I am now truly addicted and it’s for all the reasons stated above. I’m in the best shape I have been for years and it’s all thanks to Jelly Fitness, who have given me the right nutrition advice, support, motivation and confidence to go to the gym 5 times a week and attend weekly sessions at the best bootcamp in Nottm. Something a year ago I never thought I would do.

    January 31, 2016

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