The Jelly Fitness Philosophy

The Jelly Fitness Philosophy
Jelly fitness is a family run business that has been started from scratch, it has been it has been built with dedication and a determination to help others. Simon Gunn has a BA honours degree in Sports Studies and he is a co-founder along with Jacqueline Illingworth. Simon is the practical, goal focused, no nonsense motivator, his passion, commitment and dedication inspires his clients to change their lives. Jacqueline (Jax) is the friendly, warm, fun and compassionate side of Jelly Fitness, she is a trainer, a friend and a councillor to all. 
The Jelly Fitness Philosophy is simple we want you to achieve your personal goals and we want you to do it in a way that is sustainable and  will put you on a lifetime path to healthy living in a way that works for you. You don’t have to radically change your way of life, just make small changes every day and gradually increase your exercise. You can modify your diet and be more active without impacting too much on your daily life. Yes you will have bad days, yes you will cheat and yes you will have days when you skip your exercise. Don’t panic it’s just one day, wake up the next day and continue your journey, we all stumble the important thing is we get up and carry on. 
Jelly fitness is here for everyone from those that are dedicated athletes that want to push themselves to the limit to those that just want to get a bit fitter or lose a bit of weight. We have programmes suitable for all ability levels, it takes dedication, commitment and a huge desire to change your body to complete our #time2define programme, if you can give it your all then go for this you won’t regret it, if this isn’t for you don’t worry it’s not the only way. We can offer advice on healthy eating and activities to fit most lifestyles and to accommodate most goals. We offer solutions for everyone that wants to change their lifestyle in a way that improves their health. We have shred plans to help people to define, eat well and rapidly increase fitness levels, this produces quick results without the negative effects of fad diets and will quickly put people on to the healthy lifestyle path. In addition to these we can offer advice for those that want to go more slowly, small changes can make big difference and although results will be slower you will get there. 
We are here for everyone no matter what your fitness goals are, we want you stay committed, have fun and succeed. 

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