Tip of the day - Start Slowly

***Tip of the Day*** START OFF SLOW!!!
For those new to exercise, start of slow!!!  Go at it too hard and too fast and you will crash, burn and fail!!  So let’s say you want to start running.  Most people just go and run and see how far they can get, then get knackered or dis-heartened ...so instead look at jogging 30 seconds or to 1 Lamp Post, then briskly walk to the next and so on. Build it up to say 40 seconds or 2 lamp posts etc in a few days or week or so.  Be warned that the dull stiff ache in muscles that you get after exercise the next day or 2 is NORMAL!!   If it’s quite painful, then you need to eat more carbs and drink more water before and after exercise, and stretch!! Eating animal sourced foods after strenuous exercise will also benefit. Just remember, that the fat is a lot harder to get off then it is to go on, so do not be a bull in a china shop, smaller, frequent sessions will be better than all or nothing and several days recovery!!  
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