Calling all Office workers....

Suffer with a bad back, or stiff neck? Constant headaches? Stiff or painful knees?
Nasty shoulder soreness? Aches and pains worsening? 
Trying exercise and get hurt? Blame the exercise class or the gym or those
weights you lifted for the pain you now have? 
Sound familiar? 
I come across these statements and many more daily from office why? 
The human body was not designed to sit 6, 8 or 10 hours plus a day; we evolved to walk and to stand. It is modern human who has created the "office" environment. It is modern human who finds luxury in chairs and being seated however, it is ruining people's bodies and posture. 
Think about it, you sit on a bus, train or in the car to travel to work, which could be 30 minutes, an hour or more. At work you sit for another long period of time and then have to travel back. Do the maths for your own day, now times that by 5 days week and so on.... you'll soon realise it mounts up quickly....that's not taking into consideration the sleep you have each day! 
It's pretty evident your muscles soon become stiff, ridged, tight and in some cases shortened. These in turn pull on your bones; which they attach too, creating pain, aches and soreness; especially when you ask them to move more during exercise.
Again, sound familiar?  
So what's the answer? Well, there is a long list of answers, from drinking more water to hot baths to foam rollering and more. Yet the gold standard would be to start with at least one sports massage. Yes, i said sports massage! You may not be active or play sports but this just a term used to describe a massage aimed at relieving tension, tightness and fix any movement issues. And Yes, they can be painful to START with, due to the build up of tension over the years however if and I mean if you keep your own self maintenance up and regular massage treatment the pain eases dramatically. 
A good therapist will show and teach you mobility  exercises and stretches to prolong massage treatment time. 
Yes, Simon Gunn, head performance coach is highly experienced in sports massage therapy and provides this service however, is only local to Hucknall. So, the advice is find a therapist who comes recommend and local to you!
Remember, aches and pains is your brains way to say something is wrong . don't ignore it. 
Simon Gunn 
Jelly Fitness Human Performance 
T: 07841 529186 
Social media: @jellyfitness 

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