Community Shred 2019

Jelly Fitness Community Shred 2019.

Here's what you need to know...

It's called a community Shred because you can access a dedicated Facebook group to help and support each other. Share your meal and snack ideas and your preparation skills. Even if you just watch and don't post anything you will feel supported knowing others are experiencing the same.
You'll be emailed a link to the group once you've purchased a plan.

Start Date: Monday January 14th 2019 at midnight.
(Why so late into January? Well to help you prepare! To start reducing your sugar intake and increase the water content. To help mentally focus. Get organised. This way it won't overload you too much).

End date: Sunday February 24th.

What will it cost me?
£25 for the plan of your choice (You'll receive a Workout plan, nutrition guide, weight management sheet and a macro calculator). You can choose a home plan (which you can do as many times a week as you like) or a THREE DAY gym plan or a FIVE DAY gym plan or just the nutrition on its own at £10. This will also allow you entry in to the Facebook group.

The cost of the food foe the next 6 weeks is up to you and your budget. Nothing fancy is needed. Obviously any gym membership you MAY need. A kettlebell and/or a pair of handweights IF you want them for the home plan, but not essential!

If you want to purchase a whey protein or BCCAs etc then thats up to you - see videos in the plans.

And that's about it.

What do i need to know?
It's a 6 week shred, with the potential to keep going for as long as your like.

The idea is you listen to me, learn from what i've done for you to Kickstart your fitness future. This isn't just a quick weight loss, its a new set up for you. This programme is designed to give you the tools for a healthy future. And a bonus of size loss!

Each plan has a series of links to me, videos for you to watch. Each exercise has a video to watch and learn, so you feel more comfortable knowing what is what.

You can work from a home based exercise plan or a gym based plan (3 times or 5 times a week). You work as hard as you can/need/want. But understand this, the harder you work, the greater the results! Simple!

This applies to the food side of it as well. I tell you want not to eat/what to eat, how much, and the rest is up to you. If you deviate from the plan that's entirely up to you. No one is making you do it. But each time you do, you hinder your results a little. Again, the harder you try, the better the results.

What next?

Once you choosen and purchased the right plan for you, you will be sent digital files to download and print off. You will also be sent a link to the Facebook group to join. The rest is simple, work hard, learn and watch your body transform!

Heres the link to the page you now need to purchase the plan of your choice!


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