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End of the line for Time2Define!!

End of the line for Time2Define!!

After much thought and consideration it is time to withdraw our Time2Define plans.

Why? Well they are 3 years old now and if you've purchased one or about too, you'll notice Simon, head coach, looks very different now compared to 3 years ago!

Additionally, it's time for a change, it's time for a revamp.

We've learnt alot about marketing, design, social media and people in 3 years, so it's time to update.

Therefore, you have until Friday 6th of September 2019 to grab yourself the bargain plan that is Time2Define.

You can choose a home plan (our best seller) or a 3 or 5 day gym plan all for just £25 each!!

Each plan includes a workout plan with videos and photos of each exercise, the reps/time you need and the amount of sets required. Additionally, you have a Q & A sheet, nutrition plan, weight management sheet and a macro calculator! 

Even better is when you purchase these plans, you download them and keep them forever!

So, what are you waiting for? Head to the link below and purchase your plan(s) now before they are too late and join the other 250+ people who have joined us!

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Community Shred 2019

Community Shred 2019

Over indulgened this festive period? Yes?... Read on!
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Calling all Office workers....

Calling all Office workers....

Suffer with a bad back, or stiff neck? Constant headaches? Stiff or painful knees?
Nasty shoulder soreness? Aches and pains worsening? 
Trying exercise and get hurt? Blame the exercise class or the gym or those
weights you lifted for the pain you now have? 
Sound familiar? 
I come across these statements and many more daily from office why? 
The human body was not designed to sit 6, 8 or 10 hours plus a day; we evolved to walk and to stand. It is modern human who has created the "office" environment. It is modern human who finds luxury in chairs and being seated however, it is ruining people's bodies and posture. 
Think about it, you sit on a bus, train or in the car to travel to work, which could be 30 minutes, an hour or more. At work you sit for another long period of time and then have to travel back. Do the maths for your own day, now times that by 5 days week and so on.... you'll soon realise it mounts up quickly....that's not taking into consideration the sleep you have each day! 
It's pretty evident your muscles soon become stiff, ridged, tight and in some cases shortened. These in turn pull on your bones; which they attach too, creating pain, aches and soreness; especially when you ask them to move more during exercise.
Again, sound familiar?  
So what's the answer? Well, there is a long list of answers, from drinking more water to hot baths to foam rollering and more. Yet the gold standard would be to start with at least one sports massage. Yes, i said sports massage! You may not be active or play sports but this just a term used to describe a massage aimed at relieving tension, tightness and fix any movement issues. And Yes, they can be painful to START with, due to the build up of tension over the years however if and I mean if you keep your own self maintenance up and regular massage treatment the pain eases dramatically. 
A good therapist will show and teach you mobility  exercises and stretches to prolong massage treatment time. 
Yes, Simon Gunn, head performance coach is highly experienced in sports massage therapy and provides this service however, is only local to Hucknall. So, the advice is find a therapist who comes recommend and local to you!
Remember, aches and pains is your brains way to say something is wrong . don't ignore it. 
Simon Gunn 
Jelly Fitness Human Performance 
T: 07841 529186 
Social media: @jellyfitness 
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Are You Little Black Dress Ready?

Are You Little Black Dress Ready?

Want results like this in just 42 days?!?!



Over 100 people have successfully lost and KEPT off the inches with Jelly Fitness #Time2Define plans and transformed their lives!

Have you over indulged this summer? Ate and drank too much on your all inclusive holiday? Want to drop a dress size MINIMUM before the party season? Want to become healthier? Want to kick start a healthy journey? Want to transform your life and body? Want to just feel good about yourself? on!

Our Time2Define plans are not designed for a “quick Fix”, nor are they a “Gimmick” or a “Fad” - they are lifestyle changes, they will transform your life, body and your relationship with food. Our plans WILL create a trimer and leaner you in short spaces of time (in 6 weeks or under) however, due to the complex nature of the body and how these plans are designed, they will set you up for the long term!

We are not here to bamboozle you with science or jargon, we know you don't care about the science you just want awesome results; like this.... 

If, and we mean "if" you stick to these plans, you WILL get results! The greater the effort you put in the better the results – it is that simple! You are in control of the effort level and therefore in control of the results YOU get! You are accountable!  

We understand you have different needs, lifestyles and time restraints, therefore we have created 4 options for you:

Unlike most transformation plans, we are NOT here to rip you off. Jelly Fitness wants the nation to become fitter and healthier without spending the earth, hence the LOW cost of these tried and tested plans!

You've seen just a few of the #Time2Define 6 week programme "before and after" photos. These very brave and proud people have given permission to share there results. They were not under any obligation to provide these, however have chosen to do so due to their new found confidence and stronger mindset.

We are extremely proud of their new found confidence and self belief to share these. Of course we have "cropped" the heads off a few to allow privacy. We are fully aware majority of people whom undertake such plans have low self-esteem when It comes to body image confidence, which makes us at Jelly Fitness even prouder they would allow these!



Previous Results

Miss H - 12lbs and 34cms loss with the Home plan.
This lady completed the Home Plan and i think her photos and Tweet say it all. As we are aware Miss H has lost the most recorded weight and size using the Home Plan. We are very proud!
Miss J - 10lb loss and
Here we have Miss J, who has completed our Home Time2Define plan.  Not only did she get great results, she loved the flexibility of doing this plan within her own home!
She couldn't get over how much she had to actually eat and still lost!
Miss Kettlebell (11.01.2016 - 20.02.16) - 7lb loss, 22cm loss.
I have Just completed the Time2Define Gym plan, and couldn't be happier with the results. I didn't want to go on a "diet" but wanted to target and tone up certain areas of my body and didn't know where to start. I've been a member of the Gym for a long time but have always avoided the weights as didn't know how to use them
I am much more confident now and know I will definitely carry on with the exercises. I've lost 7lb in weight and 11cm, but visually cannot believe the difference in just 6 weeks. This plan is brilliant and definitely worth doing if you want results!”
Rachel Draycott (11.01.2016 - 20.02.16) - 16lb loss 29.5cms loss
"This is a massive thing for me to do, to post my before/after pics! But although I actually now feel disgusted by the before pic I feel so proud that I completed and stuck to this 6 week Gym shred. I have lost 16lb and 29.5cms. It was hard I won't lie and I spat my dummy out on more than one occasion. But for anyone that says they can't or haven't got time etc. I did it and I am a wife, a mother. I go to college 2 days, work at a school and have a job and changed job and have two kids to look after 
Miss Star Jump (11.01.2016 - 20.02.16) - 23.5cms and 10lbs loss.
“I started the 6 week Gym shred as a way to kick start my body. I'd dropped 2 stone in 2015 and quite a few cms but my losses were slowing down. I felt my body needed a push, Preparation is definitely the key. Make sure you have your breakfast, lunch and snacks ready for work so you don't go off track.
The hardest part of this plan for me was evening cardio. It's so easy to talk yourself out of it, especially if home late from work and it's suddenly 9pm. But as Simon says, you get out of this plan what you put into it. I found it easier if I mixed up what I did for cardio and not just stick to my bike at home as boredom would set in. I really loved the gym plan. Weights are now my new addiction and my strength has definitely improved.
Being sugar, gluten, dairy and wheat free agrees with me. You can see I'm not half as bloated, my energy is through the roof and my sugar cravings have diminished. I can't recommend this plan enough. It is tough, mentally and physically but it's so worth it.”
Stuart Draycott (11.01.2016 - 20.02.16) - 16lb loss 28cms loss
 "The Jelly Fitness #Time2Define Gym 6 week shred program was hard but worth it. Eating right and training hard with NO stupid calorie counting DIET. NO empty juicing DIET. The past 6 weeks have been eat, gym, eat, gym, sleep (where I dreamt about eating and the gym). But I have lost 16Ibs in weight, 28cm in body measurements and down to 9.8% body fat. I am a Dad of 2 kids, with a wife (who goes to college works, and does placement at a school) and a dog. I work 50-60hours a week, so if I can do it so can YOU!!!
Miss Press Ups - 5lb loss and 30cms loss
Here is Miss Push Up who completed the #Time2Define Gym fat loss plan with her results of 5lb loss and 30cms loss! Which is epic! This totally highlights the issues of Muscle Vs Fat and the video I made a few weeks ago ( ). 
Choice 1 —  FIVE DAY Gym Plan £25.00 (i.e. Monday to Friday)
With this choice you will receive an email which will include a set #Time2Define 6-week Gym based program with FIVE sessions per week, our 6-week #Time2Define nutrition guide, Carb & Protein calculator and a weight management sheet. This is our most popular plan that has created so many trimmer, lean participants already. You WILL need a gym membership to complete this plan!!
Choice 2 - THREE DAY Gym Plan £25.00 (i.e. Monday, Wednesday & Friday)
With this choice you will receive an email which will include a set #Time2Define 6-week Gym based program with THREE sessions per week, our 6-week #Time2Define nutrition guide, Carb & Protein calculator and a weight management sheet. This is our newest plan that has already created trimmer, lean participants already. You WILL need a gym membership to complete this plan!!
Choice 3 - Home Plan - £25.00
With this choice you will receive an email which will include a set #Time2Define 6-week Home workout based program, our 6-week #Time2Define nutrition guide and a weight management sheet. This is our most popular home only plan for those that cannot make the gym or feel uneasy in the gym environment.
Choice 4 — Just Nutrition £10.00
As it states, you will receive an email containing just the Nutrition plan that is designed to reduce fat and change your eating habits for the best and help towards a lifestyle change!
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