Infused waters

Infused waters
Hate water?? Its boring!! Its tasteless!?! ……Sound familiar? 
Water is the single most important part of your daily routine whether you like it or not, your body is 70% water, your blood is made of it, your skin, your eyes, hair, bones and muscles and then everything else in between!!!
So, for years now, I’ve been adding fruit and other bits to my water to make it not so dull…..I’ve even managed to convert a few along the way!
There are 1000’s of combinations to keep water interesting and low calorie and low sugar without adding high sugary cordials…..Not only that, but some help fight colds, keep the immune system healthy and some MIGHT help to lose weight and fat due to their metabolising effect (as well as a healthy diet and exercise!!)… here are a few!
1. Strawberry, Mint & Lemon is packed so full of Vitamin C, you’ll be giving your metabolism a big boost while burning fat and increasing weight loss. It also contains anti-inflammatory ingredients and is great for fighting cold and flu viruses.
2. Orange, Lime & Lemon is packed so full of Vitamin C, is great for fighting cold and flu viruses and keeping the immune system healthy and reducing heartburn.
3. Green Tea, Mint & Lime (MY FAV!!) is for fat burning, stomach bloating and digestion and chest infections. (boil water and add Green tea bags the night before to infuse and cool, before adding Mint and Lime)……I drink this a lot (see the bottle photo). 
4. Lemon, Lime & Cucumber (Another fav) Great for bloating, Hydration (especially post session) appetite suppressant and digestion. (great in the summer to help keep cool!!)
5. Orange & Ginger not only boosts your metabolism, it also is packed full of vitamin C to help you fight a cold. Plus the ginger helps with tummy aches (I’ve found this to help no end for my Gluten issue!....infact Ginger is totes amaze for tummy upsets!)
6. Strawberries & Kiwis - Kiwi is a superfood and is packed with vitamins A and E which help prevent free radicals and helps flush out toxins from the colon, which improves your overall health and well being. Strawberries help fight carcinogens and contains anti-aging properties such as biotin and the antioxidant ellagic acid, which helps prevent sagging skin.
These are all best left a hour or few (and in my opinion best left over night in the fridge…..) to infuse well, not only do they taste great but look cool too, helping kids to drink more water!.....and are dirt cheap!.....Why not use fruits/veg that are on reduced section or freeze them and use them later (not all fruit and veg mind!)
If your not sure, just be creative and see what your taste buds like most, also use the power of google and search for “infused water”, where you will find an endless supply!
Hope this helps at least a few of you, please share and spread the Jelly Love!
Let us know if you have any favorite infused waters to share with everyone!.....
Top with ice, this part is mportant whether you enjoy your water cold or at room temperature as it holds down the fruit to better infuse the water.
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How to lose stubborn body fat

I'm going to answer one of the most common questions people ask me. You may not like all of the advice but it WILL work!
How do I burn fat?  Why won't the fat bit around my tummy go? I work hard all week and eat well yet I cannot shift the fat? Can I take a pill to get rid of my fat?? – sound familiar?? 
Fat is my number one topic, questions and mis-understanding as a fitness professional. And there is no ONE way to get rid of…or we would all be walking round with abs of steel…..
So to burn fat (especially from the abdomen – belly) you have to have a holistic (all angles) approach. And firstly you need to understand why the body holds onto fat. 
So – 1st and foremost fat is stored for fuel…yes fuel….the key is using it correctly for fuel!!!
Why does the body store fat??? There are LOTS!! – (not in order and not every reason) – these are NOT in order of importance! They are all relevant!
1.) Energy in is greater than energy out
Simply put if you eat more calories (Kcals) than you burn your going to store fat….simple…..However, remember you do not just burn Kcals at a gym or when you go for a jog….your burning Kcals right now doing nothing…as long as your heart beats your burning…..did you know if you slept for 24hrs without moving you would burn roughly 1400 kcals!!! if your eating way too much food and doing little moving around….get moving!....walk to work, get up to the printer every time instead of saving the sheets up, take the stairs instead of the lift, park further away from work or supermarket….loads of things. 
2.) Lack of water
Yep, if you do not drink ENOUGH water you WILL store fat!....So what is enough water….well you NEED 1 litre for every 1000 Kcals you eat, so most people need a MIN of 2-3 litres JUST to digest food!!!! Not to mention the pint of water you lose through sweat each night. Oh then there is the sweat you lose through the day…..
So you will NEED each and every day a MIN of 3-4 litres…..if exercising add another litre easy….so that's nearly 4-5 litres!!!!......if your consuming 4000 kcals mind that's a min of 4 litres!!!
Your body is 70% water and EVERY thing you do requires water……the signals to your brain are water and sugar, what do you think your blood is made of??....Eyes, skin, hair, blood, Muscles, EVERYTHING requires water people!!!!
So I'm not asking you to start on 4 litres a day, you just need to start increasing it by a glass each and every day until your there. 
3.) Lack of vitamins and minerals
Fat is a massive storage mechanism for the body to store most vitamins and minerals and if you do not consume enough daily the body will store more fat to keep hold of any you do eat. Therefore either top up your veg and fruit AND include a good strong Multivitamin. I would always suggest that you take a multivitamin daily regardless. I suggest Wellman/Wellwoman ones as they are good and I use these, from Tesco, Holland and Barrett etc. At the minute Vit D is low due to lack of sunlight so top this up too. Ladies you need B vitamins such as B6, so add these too…..everyone is different so it pays to look at lifestyle!
So the more high Vitamin foods/supplements you use the less fat is required to store these!
4.) Not enough sleep 
FACT not enough sleep will aid fat storage! You MUST be getting a MIN of 5 hours UNDISTURBED sleep each and every day to allow the body to repair damage to the body whilst awake (i.e. exercise, stress, activities blab la). This is CRUCIAL to effective fat loss. If you cannot sleep, then there are billions of ways to get that sleep… look into it or inbox me for tips…..main one TURN the laptop/tab/phone/tv/screens off an hour before bed……read, unwind, bath, chill!
I cannot stress this enough guys!
5.) Lack of breakfast
“I just do not have time to eat”, “I've never ate breakfast” “Oh the thought of food in the morning”…..familiar!??....If you do not eat breakfast (breaking the fast), you will store fat! – oh and to all those skinny folks saying “well I don't eat breakkie but im not fat – YOUR BODY IS EATING ITSELF!!!!!!!.....not healthy and at some point you will collapse!....may 5 years, 10 or 15….but you will!
So, if you haven't ate breakfast for some time you will find it hard to start with, so aim small (banana, melon etc) the gradually eat more until it is a meal size. 
If you haven't time – GET UP EARLIER! Believe me as a father of 3, step father to 3, and a long crappy hour's job I still eat! I know how hard it is….
Crack this and your wining! (oh ps – do not count sugar puffs, cocoa pops and sugary cereals as breakfast! – see sugar foods) 
6.) Too much protein 
So this is not just to the blokes out there but to you all…..Protein is ESSENTIAL for growth and repair of the muscles, and signals to the brain and for cell coverage, however, protein (anything from an animal and soya beans etc) is only 15-20% of your daily food requirements! Yes 15!!! Even if you're a bloke wanting to bulk up!!!! Theres no real need to be consuming more than 20% protein a day….if you are – you may store fat and have very smelly wee and creating ammonia in the liver – BIG NO NO!!!
As a western society we eat far too much protein as (Animal products) meat is so readily available. So use a food diary to look at it daily. Cut back a bit and watch it fall off…..The only way more protein should be allowed than needed is if carbs are backed off, however this is a very complicated one to explain!
7.) Lack of post exercise nutrition 
This is such a pain in the rear for a fitness professional. As you assume that because ive just burnt off a 1000 kcals that you shouldn't eat – WRONG big time!!!....If you do not eat carbs within 15 mins of exercising finishing you will store fat, if you then do not eat a balanced meal (carbs, protein and fat) within 40 mins of exercising finishing you WILL store fat! – oh and to all those skinny folks saying “well I don't eat after but im not fat – YOUR BODY IS EATING ITSELF!!!!!!!.....not healthy and at some point you will collapse!....may 5 years, 10 or 15….but you will!
So please for the love of god, go to EVERY session with an apple to eat ASAP, with water, and have your meal PLANNED when you get home, slow cooker, prepaid or knowing exactly what your having…..!!! BIG BIG one to sort out guys!
8.) Too much caffeine 
Drink loads of coffee, tea or coke or eat a lot of chocolate or maybe love monster?!!
Yep…..well your not allowing the fat to be utilised as much…..the more caffeine you have the more it inhibits fat as fuel… cut back….don't just stop – or you get headaches – caffeine is a drug so wean yourself off gradually. 
9.) Alcohol 
Do I really need to mention this one?? – Well alcohol is sugar and stores as fat – simple! – so again if you're having glasses of wine or beer each night all it will do is store as fat (1 bottle of wine around 13% strong is equivalent to a 6 multibag of crisps!!!) – Enough said!!
10.) Hormones 
God this is a complicated one……for there are so many hormones and everyone is different….if you are stressed a lot then you need to sort this as there is lots of cortisol floating around which inhibits fat utilisation. Ladies, maybe have a look at your cycles and if you have high PMS then look at evening primrose oil each day…..
There are loads to mention but have a look at your day and get in touch if need be. 
11.) Insulin
This is a “mop up of sugar” chemical – so if you put sugar (or sweetener) in the mouth the brain will throw loads of insulin at the food, however, always way too much than is needed, therefore an hour later the spare unused insulin asks the brain to provide more sugar to mop up – so you crave sugar (cake, coke, choc or what ever your brain associates sugar as) and then the whole cycle starts again…..locked into a vicious cycle. So do not start the day with sugar (or sweetener) and Diet drinks are still counted as sugar!
This is such a hard one to tackle, however crack it and you are onto a mega winner!!!!
There is a lot here to consider mind I know, and there are many others so it's a hard task, hence why we are not all walking around with tight abs!!!
Please get in touch if in doubt about anything and please feel free to share this as much as possible!!!!!
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Muscle Vs Fat - Stop stressing over the scales!

Muscle Vs Fat - Stop stressing over the scales!

This is a MUST watch for anyone who is stressing over their weight and exercising!!

All is explained in the Vlog.

Let us know your thoughts.

Watch this >> Muscle Vs Fat << Vlog

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Stop giving up - dont be another New Year give up!

Stop giving up - dont be another New Year give up!

Every January the fitness world see's an influx of "newbies" and most of these then are no where to be seen in why? Why do you give up? What prevents you turning it into a lifestyle?

You buy new trainers, new gym gear and have all the right why?

You need to ask yourself why and what are You going to do differently this year!?!?

My guess ad a fitness professional is one of a few things.

1. Everyone goes balls out to undo months of damage and burns out in a few weeks.

2. You haven't a clue what to do and are too embarrassed to ask for help.

3. You make way too many excuses.

Sound about right??

So this year fix it! Make 2016 the year you do change and stick to it! The fitness world is bigger than ever and 2016 is going to be an epic year for sports (Rio 2016) and Fitness. join in and get it sorted!!

How to fix it this year!!

1. Go slowly at it. Do NOT try to run a marathon in the first week! Don't just "go for a run" and see how far you can go or how quick a mile can take. Start of with 30 second bursts for instance (Jog 30 seconds, walk 30 seconds) and do this for 10 minutes? Don't try and do a zillion squats in one day, start with say 50 in a day and build it up each get the idea yea!

Take your time, ease your body and mind in slowly. Start off with say 30 minutes exercising maybe 3 times a week. Week 2 up it to 40 minutes and so on.

2. Get help!! See a Personal Trainer (PT) or join a class with a qualified instructor. Use them, learn from them (us). We haven't spent all these years learning, spending money to be educated and years of experience not be asked.... If it were easy to look trim and maintain a healthy lifestyle there would be no obesity. It isn't easy - so ASK!

3. I have come across every excuse I think exists! And at one point in my life I've used them too! However, one excuse makes the next one a bit easier to handle on the guilt scale and the next even easier. Before you know it, its March and you only have 6 weeks until you go on holiday and turn to some stupid goats urine diet 'cos Jane at work has lost 29lb in 3 days doing it! - Lets not go there yea!?!?

These are just the top 3 things that get in the way, there are bound to be more, however DO NOT MAKE EXCUSES; FIND SOLUTIONS!!!!

Feel free to ask questions or comment below to help you get the focus you need!

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GOOD LUCK FOR 2016!!!!


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Are you aware of the power this black gold has?

After taking 32 tablets a day to combat my epilepsy years ago I was concerned about my liver; then I found coffee.

Black bean coffee is exceptional at repairing liver damages from alcohol, medicines and toxins from foods and stress etc.

Yes too much coffee can have a negative effect; as can anything. However 2-3 cups a day - with an additional glass of water - will be perfect.

Research tends to agree that filter bean coffee is best, rather than freeze dried brands. (Costentin. et, al. 2011)Not to mention that a strong black coffee is the perfect pre work drink! So? What are you waiting for; go fix your liver!

‪#‎Coffee‬ ‪#‎BlackGold‬ ‪#‎JellyFitness‬…/article/pii/S0168827810009347

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We have a website!!!

Jelly Fitness finally has a website, Please visit us for news of services, events and updates.

We welcome your comments on our services and we would like feedback regarding our website so we can give the best possible customer experience!

Please keep it clean!!

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