Time2Define FIVE DAY GYM based 6 Week Plan

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Here it is!!! The Time2Define GYM based 6 week Inch loss programme!

This programme has been designed for anyone who wants to strip and reduce fat and tone muscle, whilst eating clean and healthy.
This programme is aimed at those that want to decrease fat levels successfully, whilst using a gym.
We have aimed to keep the costs down for yourselves to allow its affordability to those who may not otherwise be able to afford it. Jelly Fitness is about education and tackling inactivity not huge profits!
You will need:
      • Gym membership - You WILL need access to a gym to use this plan.
      • Access to a printer 
      • Determination
      • Around 60 - 90 minutes a day 5 times a week.
      • Food scales
      • Motivation
      • NO EXCUSES!
        Once you complete the purchase of this programme and the funds have been accepted, you will be emailed the programmes (One Nutritional and One Training Plan and One weight Management sheet).
        Simply print the plans off, watch ALL the videos and prepare yourself to change! No gimmicks, No goats urine to drink, No cabbage water to consume - Just hard graft!
        For those that want it, there is a closed Facebook group for us to share advice and tips. This is optional and non charged.
        You are not required to upload before and after photos, however, if you can that will be amazing!
        Once you have received this plan, it is yours to use whenever you choose! No time limits!!

        ***Terms & Conditions ***

        Be sure that you fully understand the content of this plan and what is involved before you commence. You must be in good health to take part in this plan and we suggest that you seek medical advice before commencing if unsure regarding your health in any way. Jelly Fitness does not take responsibility for any injury, accidents, illness, or even death to anyone participating in this plan and you the customer or participant takes full responsibility for your actions. You MUST not work through pain, niggles, twinges, or discomfort other than “burn” of the muscles through exercise. No refunds are available under any circumstances. Please read the questions page and watch ALL videos before starting this plan. Jelly Fitness also takes no responsibility if you do not lose the desired “weight” or “size” that you were “hoping” for. It is your life and you must control ALL factors of it! NO refunds are available under any circumstances.

        “Plan to prepare or prepare to fail”



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