Simon Gunn BA (Hons)
Founder & Head Coach.
Simon Gunn BA (Hons)
Jelly Fitness Head Coach
T: 07841 529186
Simon is the founder and head coach of Jelly Fitness and is a level 6 sports scientist - (most personal trainers are level 3).

Simon made a firm decision when he re-trained as a personal trainer back in 2010 to ensure his approach was a jargon free, informative, educational and diverse one as he was sick and tired of the amount of poor information about weight loss and healthy living at the time. 

In fact, Simon says "it is even worse now as social media has become so wide spread"
Simon's fitness journey really kicked off back in 2002 after seeing this photo of himself at his daughters 2nd birthday. (read about "fat me" in more detail here CLICK HERE)

This was the time when we had to wait for printed photos to be developed and was the first time Simon had seen himself on a photo for a long time, mainly because unwittingly had made the decision to always be behind the camera.

This photo made him realise the urgent need to transform his life or he would see an early grave.

Several years on, after losing the weight Simon understood how difficult it was to lose weight and how so many people kept it a secret using cloak and dagger articles etc.

When Simon lost his job through illness in 2009, it gave him time to reflect and realise what he wanted to do with his career. This is when he re-trained as a Personal Trainer and founded Jelly Fitness.
From that moment he fell in love with learning all there is to know about health, fitness, the human body, psychology and so much more.

Simon now holds two degrees in sports science (Nutrition, Strength & Conditioning, Psychology, Bio-mechanics, Advanced Sports Massage Therapy and more) and is always keen to learn more.
Simon is known as The Bootcamp Man as he started Bootcamps with his wife, Jacqueline several years ago and is now the biggest part of the business thus far.

Between them, Mr & Mrs Jelly have helped 1000's of participants change their lives and lifestyles through Bootcamp. Several people have stated Bootcamps literally saved their life!

This is something which Simon is extremely proud of.

"We continued to keep Bootcamps alive through the COVID19 pandemic via Facebook live streams and Zoom group sessions 3 times a week as normal. We worked really hard to maintain a high level service even in the worst of times".

Simon is our Strength & Conditioning Coach and can help you improve your sporting goals, injury rehabilitation and more.

For example, Simon has now helped countless runners improve their running pace, distance and energy efficiency. He has helped people run for the first time to 5k, individuals complete half marathons, full marathons and even Ultra Runners.

Simon has worked with world class athletes and world class coaches in swimming and canoeing for example. Novice, amateur and professional Triathletes, cricketers, footballers and sprinters have all worked with Simon to improve their performance. 

Simon is exceptionally talented at increasing sport performance as he prides himself with working with the best mentors in the business and soaking up their experience, knowledge and guidance. 

Simon's ethos is to allow the general population to all have access to this level of training to ensure optimal success in their fitness journey. "This is just one of the reasons why Jelly Fitness are so successful", says Simon. 

With over 12 years experience as a fitness trainer, 8 years experience as a sports massage therapist, 1000s of people helped and benefiting from his knowledge and wisdom you really are in exceptional hands with Simon. 
If you'd like to work with Simon, please get in touch:

Simon Gunn FdSc, BA (Hons)
Jelly Fitness Head Coach
T: 07841 529186

Level 6 BA (Hons) Sports Science and Exercise Degree
Level 5 Sports Nutrition, Sports Psychology, Biomechanics, Strength & Conditioning
Level 4 Advanced Sports Massage Techniques, injury and rehabilitation.
Level 3 Personal Training Diploma, Sports Massage Therapy. Pre-Post Natal.
Level 2 Gym Instructor, Children's Fitness Instructor, Indoor Cycling Instructor, Power Plate Instructor. Kettlebell Instructor.
  • 1-2-1 Personal Training: Hourly sessions for those with non-sporting performance needs.
  • 1-2-1 Strength & Conditioning, Biomechanics: Enhance your sporting performance.
  •  Sports Massage & Injury Rehabilitation Treatments
  • ​Psychology Therapy: 1-2-1 or group based therapy sessions to improve mental strength.
  • Online Training: App based training. Specific training plans created.
  • Nutrition.
  • ​Public Speaking: Mindset, Mind Management, Nutrition, Seminars, Workshops and more.
  • Podcasts: Search Jelly Fitness on Apple Music, Spotify and
  • Group Exercise Instructing: Bootcamps, Indoor Cycling and more.
Personal Info:
Age: 44
Children: 7. He likes to say this as it shocks people.
Two daughters from a previous marriage (19 & 21)
Three Step-Children (24, 22,& 19)
One daughter with Jacqueline
One adopted son with Jacqueline.
So, only 3 living at home with him.
Loves: Coffee - real coffee!, food and more coffee! London and being by the sea.
Hates: Pineapple of pizza and being away from the sea. 
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