Jacqueline Illingworth
Personal Trainer & Instructor.
Jax Illingworth 
Jelly Fitness Trainer & Instructor
T: 07941 682484
E: info@jellyfitness.co.uk
Jacqueline (AKA Jax) is the Co-founder of Jelly Fitness with Simon Gunn

Jax re-trained as a Personal Trainer 7 years ago to help Simon build the Jelly Fitness brand primarily via the Bootcamp side of the business. 
The one thing to know about Jax is she does not take herself too seriously.

Jax is funny, easy going but knowledgeable and firm. Here is what she has to say. 
"I am one of the co-founders of Jelly Fitness with my husband, Simon Gunn and I am well known at Jelly Fitness Bootcamps where I used to take Thursday night sessions until "lockdown" happened. Now I am in front of the camera, performing the Live Sessions for our online community.

From early 2018 to late 2019 I took a break from Personal Training to care for my terminal best friend which has been a truly overwhelming, rewarding and heart breaking, but I am back, and back with vengeance!

I am now on a mission to regain my own love for fitness and healthy lifestyle as well as helping you. As a mother of 5, yes 5, I am fully aware how hard it is to balance work, exercise and the family.

Being around Simon for the past decade, absorbing his knowledge and experience, coupled with my own, I believe I am an awesome trainer who can help you relax, feel comfortable and grow your confidence. 

I am fully aware how challenging it can be to join a gym, or start something new. The feelings of anxiousness and nervousness, but I am an easy going, bubbly and a knowledgeable person, so you can relax with me.

Don’t however, let my 4ft 9 inches height fool you, I am straight talking and honest. I will push you, but safely and we’ll have a laugh doing it.

If you are looking for someone to help you, have a laugh, who doesn't take their self too seriously, then get in touch and hopefully we can work together".

If you'd like to work with Jacqueline, please get in touch:

Jacqueline Illingworth
Jelly Fitness Trainer & Instructor
T: 07941 682484
E: info@jellyfitness.co.uk

Level 3 Personal Training Diploma.
Level 2 Gym Instructor. Indoor Cycling Instructor. Kettlebell Instructor. Circuit Instructor.
Age: 45
Children: 5 (23, 20, 17, 10 & 6).
Loves: Gardening, Gin, Painting and NetFlix
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