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I Want to PERSONALLY Work With You To Help You Achieve Your Fat Loss, Weight Management Goals.
Discover how Lifestyle with Jelly Fitness can help you achieve the long term results you've been craving for, without the need for restrictive diets, fad gimmicks, pills, and the need to drink goats urine!
Are You Lost & Confused?
From Simon Gunn BA (Hons)
Nottingham, UK
I set up Jelly Fitness to create healthier lifestyles over 10 years ago due to the poor information out there about weight loss and weight management.

10 years on the poor information is still there, but we've helped 1000's of people create healthier lifestyles, some say we've SAVED their lives!

Will you be next?

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Are you...
  • Unsure what a calorie deficit is - let alone how to create one?
  • Bamboozled with fat loss?
  • Not sure what exercises to do?
  • Sick of trying and getting not very far?
  • Injured, pregnant, riddled with aches and pains and not sure what to do for the best?

Then keep reading or sign up now....

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!
"I love Jelly Fitness because as a working mum they offer a variety of products that can work with any lifestyle. You're always fully supported and encouraged. The knowledge I have learnt from Jelly Fitness will stay with me the rest of my life on how to live a healthy lifestyle while balancing life’s ups and downs. Yes I’ve lost weight (3.5 stone) but I’ve gained so much more from them and I’m excited to continue my journey."
Cannot Thank Jelly Fitness Enough
Beth Clarke
"I fully committed to Jelly Fitness in October of 2019 and have never looked back. They genuinely know what they are doing. 
I highly recommend Jelly Fitness to EVERYONE"
"I will never look back!"
Peta Nicol
what is lifestyle with jelly fitness?

Lifestyle with Jelly Fitness is an online weight management course with a personal touch.

We understand the world of losing fat, keeping it off and maintaining good healthy routines is hard.
As busy parents and business owners we know just how difficult things can get.

This service is designed to help you, support you, motivate you, incentivise you and most importantly teach you where you've been going wrong all these years. 

We will teach you:
  • All about calories, What they are, how to count them.
  • What Macro-nutrients are, how to use them correctly and more.
  • How to enjoy your life and eat normal foods.
  • How to include alcohol in to your nutrition, guilt free.
  • Break the jargon and explain everything.
  • Create a healthy relationship with food and movement.
  • How to keep seeing changes to your body.
  • Why you sometimes stop seeing results.
  • How to create a strong mindset, so you do not quit.
  • How to listen to your body, what to do when.
  • When to rest, how to exercise for your body...
Everything you can need!
Points mean prizes!

We are keen to incentivise your journey so when you join Lifestyle with Jelly Fitness we will reward
your efforts with certificates, points and gifts!

With each check-in that results in a loss of CM's and/or weight we will give you 1 point.

Don't worry, we also give points to those who maintain their target each week"

Every weekly loss = 1 point
  • 10 Points = A Jelly Fitness Gym towel 
  • 20 Points = A Jelly Fitness T-Shirt
  • 30 Points = A Jelly Fitness Polo Shirt
  • 40 Points = A Jelly Fitness Hoodie.
  • 50 Points = A Month Free on us!

All delivered to your door!

  • "Make Me Proud" Monthly Winner gets an Amazon Voucher 

Every month I will award someone my "Proud" winner. 
This will go to someone who has tried hard, posted content,
inspired others, overcome adversity and so on, NOT just the biggest loser.

"Make Me Proud" winner!
OK, How Much?
Per Month. Billed Monthly. NO Contract.
  • Private Facebook Group Full of Like-Minded People
  • Fat Loss, Weekly Check-ins, Accountability
  • Step-by-Step Videos, Live Feeds, Live Q & As
  • 6 Weekly Workout Plans, Nutrition Advice/Plans.
  • Mindset Training,
  • Educational, Jargon Free.
  • Support, Motivation, Knowledge and Guidance
  • Certificates, Points and Prizes! 
  • Make Me Proud Monthly Winners
  • RESULTS!!!!


Can Anyone Join?
Yes! As long as you have access to Facebook. This is course is delivered via Facebook at the moment. If the demand is great for a NON-Facebook service we shall investigate.
Is This a Slimming Club/Fat Loss Course?
Yes and No. We will teach you how to lose fat, yes, but we will teach you how to keep it off.
This will depend on your needs. A lot of people lose the weight they want, but then pile it back on. We will teach you how to manage your "weight" (size).
Do I Need To Go To The Gym?
No, you do not need to go to the gym. We will include exercise plans for both Home and the Gym. You choose which one you want.
Can I Join Any Time?
Yes, you can. We will start certain exercise plans on a set date, to act as support for one another, however, these will also be available throughout, so you can start them when you wish. 
Is There A Human Being Available or Is It All Automated?
Simon Gunn, Founder and Head Coach will be on hand nearly all the time. This service is very special.
Simon has created lots of "how to" videos for you to follow at your own pace, but will be streaming live videos at least twice a week along with Q & A live streams. Not only that, he is available to answer your questions.
What if I do not lose any weight/size?
This is life, this is how weight management works, but this is what Simon is here for. He can talk to you, discuss why and help tweak things to ensure you keep progressing. 
This is where it become more than just a weight loss meeting, this is where it becomes a lifestyle!
Will my photos go online?
NO! We will only put the ones online that are happy to do so. Jelly Fitness does not force or pressure anyone to put before and after photos on any social media platform or website. We fully get that it is hard one to do.
We do ask however you to take photos and submit them via the app to give you accountability and to highlight your progression. These are stored in the app in your private account. This way you can look back at them over the coming months etc. 

Think about it, in 12 weeks time you will have forgotten what you actually look like and when you look back at your journey you'll be so chuffed!

If you want to share them in the future, you can. But definitely  NO PRESSURE!
Why Is It Monthly Payment?
If you went to a Weight Management course such as Slimming World or Weight Watchers, you'll most likely pay on the door each week. If you have a "bad" week, you might not go for the shame of that "bad" week. Having a monthly payment helps give you some accountability. 
Additionally, we know "bad" weeks happen, but we will teach you how to manage these. How to not feel guilty about them, how to work around them. 

Finally, we will not just dump everything into the group straight away as you'll be just overwhelmed. As this service grows with information, you'll be able to access all the content as and when you need it.
Can I Cancel Anytime?
Yes of course! We will of course miss you and be sad to see you leave, but we understand everyone has money issues from time to time or needs to move on.
I Have Done Home Bootcamp Plans Before, Will There Be Any More?
Yes. We have a new plan as well as the Home Bootcamps. 
JF6 - This is a new 6 week plan, which is very exciting. 
Why Is Lifestyle With Jelly Fitness Any Different To Other Couses?
You are not just buying a training plan, or a nutrition guide, you are buying a lifetimes worth of experience, 10 years of knowledge and the guidance of a fitness professional who has helped 1000s of people change and save their lives. 

Over the past decade I, Simon Gunn have spent so much time and effort into creating healthier lifestyles for 1000's of individuals, now it is time to go digital.

The aim of this service is to have as many people create and maintain healthy body, mind and lifestyle for years to come, spreading the Jelly Love over the land!