About Us

Jelly Fitness is an all round professional fitness company set up to create a healthier you, not just for the short term, but as a lifestyle. Our head coach and founder, Simon Gunn believes in an holistic approach to fitness and exercise which is why his highly acclaimed skills are second to none.
When you think Jelly Fitness think human performance!

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Jelly Fitness Core Staff:
Simon Gunn BA (Hons), FdSc - Jelly Fitness Founder

Simon has over 10 year’s fitness experience and is fully qualified; Level 6 BA (Hons) Sports & Conditioning Human Performance coach, Level 4 Sports Nutrition, Level 3 Personal Trainer (PT), Level 2 Gym instructor, Group Indoor Cycling instructor and more.
“I have gone through a huge personal journey! As a young teenager I was into extreme sports such as rock climbing, canoeing, abseiling, white water rafting and mountain biking until I was in a brutal and tragic incident at 18 years old. My life then went into a downward spiral lasting for many years; 4 stone and severe depression later I turned back to exercise and healthy eating. I lost over 4 stone in weight and have since ran half marathons, a duathlon, several mud obstacle events including one of the world’s toughest events - Tough Mudder SEVEN times, with our team Jelly Fitness!!!"
"I have recently proved a point and completed a "Shredding" programme and lost over 1 stone and 9% Body Fat in 4 weeks through pure hard graft alone- NOT goats urine juice or any other silly gimmick!!"
"I am not the sort of PT that asks for a before and after photo of clients to post online, as 95% of the population do not feel comfortable doing so. Thier results are visible to others and I am recommended via my clients and their own results alone."
"Therefore, when it comes to exercise I will understand your needs, I will push you, I will motivate and encourage you to achieve your desired results!!”
Simon has a vison for the business that will allow every person, regardless of age, gender, physical and mental ability to be able to increase their physical activity within a safe and non-judgemental environment. His dream is to educate the nation and provide services to teach all levels the safe and correct manner in which to enjoy fitness (and he likes his hashtags!)

Jacqueline – AKA Jax or PinkLadyFitness.

Jacqueline is the co-founder of Jelly Fitness and to many is the human and emotional side of Jelly Fitness and in the nicest possible way she is the warm side to Simon’s more methodical and knowledgeable talents and never give in approach.
Jacqueline is a full time mother to zillions of children and yet still manages to find the time to help run and manage Jelly Fitness along with helping Simons oodles of clients, and supporting Simon with his classes, fitness empire conquests and any number of crazy ideas he may come up with to take over the fitness world!
Together Simon and Jacqueline are Jelly Fitness and their unique style of motivation, teaching and knowledge combined make the perfect team.
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