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This plan is designed to help you kick start and lose fat naturally through food, however will be greatly aided if you are exercising regularly.

This plan, as with all plans will require you to stay motivated and true to yourself. You are in control of your own mouth, thus only you can get the results required.

This plan will require you to be focused and prepared, therefore we suggest that you choose a time to start this where you can be organised and avoid "falling off the wagon", i.e. not before Christmas or when you have your birthday in two weeks or so.

Our Nutritional plans are ideal for vegetarians, vegans and those whom suffer issues such as IBS.  

This plan will be emailed to you upon receipt of payment. Therefore, please provide exact email address.

The purpose of this plan is to ensure that the body is cleared of all toxins and nasty stuff, after the 6 weeks is up you will sure to be on the right track to a healthy lifestyle.

To see results that this plan can create click me

***Terms & Conditions ***

Be sure that you fully understand the content of the plan and what is involved before you commence. You must be in good health to take part in this plan and we suggest that you seek medical advice before commencing if unsure regarding your health in any way. Jelly Fitness does not take responsibility for any injury, accidents, illness, or even death to anyone participating in this plan and you the customer/participant takes full responsibility for your actions. No refunds are available under any circumstances. This plan or any part of this plan is not to be sold or distributed to anyone under any circumstances without contacting Jelly Fitness prior. Jelly Fitness does not authorise anyone to sell or distribute any of their plans on their behalf and MUST be purchased via Jelly Fitness ONLY.


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