This Guy Saved My Life
Fat Me. 
This guy saved my life!
Written by Simon Gunn in January 2021
Back in 2002 there were no smartphones, no (affordable) digital cameras, just good old fashioned photo film cameras. The ones you had to take to a shop, when full, to be developed; and then you had to wait a few days for them to return. 

It was, therefore, several weeks AFTER this photo was taken that I saw it and OH MY GOD did it scare me to the core!

It had suddenly dawned on me, I was never in front of the camera, I was the one always taking the photos and now I understood why! I was ashamed, embarrassed, disgusted and hated myself.

It was at that exact moment in late 2002 I decided enough was enough and time to take action to turn this 24-year-old mess around! Yep, 24 years old. 

What a state!
I was such an active, skinny child and teenager, always cycling, hiking, canoeing, rock climbing and enjoying the outdoors, so to now all of a sudden be touching 18 stone of pure fat was mortifying. 

Yes, I had suffered a brutal – near death – attack, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety and daily seizures, but ffs Simon, this was madness. I knew I would struggle to see my 30th birthday, let alone my 40th!

I knew my daily mint Viennatta, bottle of wine, pizzas, massive bowl of cereal in the evening and everything else had to stop. I knew I had to start moving more and stop using my seizures as an excuse to not do any physical activity. 

Due to my daily seizures, it was extremely tricky to be out alone exercising, and it was already challenging enough for everyone around me to manage my fits – and size!! I had to think outside the box a little.

Only a few days earlier had I watched QVC (yea get over it, this was 2002!) and saw the “Lateral Thigh Trainer”. I knew I could use this in front of the TV, in the comfort of my own home - nearly risk free, without the need to put on any more people.

When it arrived, I immediately cracked on and day after day, between seizures, work, sleep and everything else a working dad has to do, I stepped away. 

Watching everything from 24, Corrie, Homes Under the Hammer, MTV and Jeremey Kyle – don’t judge, you know you did too!

It took weeks and months, but slowly the weight started to come off and along with cutting back on the sweet stuff, the weight eventually started to fall off.

It did, however, take years for the weight to properly come off due to the seriously crap information out there. It was as if fat loss was a secret. The free information was so poor and with a quite simple internet back then fat loss was this big mystery, which bugged the crap out of me.

As the weight disappeared my health started to improve and even my seizures seemed to be more manageable and decreasing in frequency, intensity and even recovery time was vastly improved. This whole exercise lark was freaking awesome!
By about 2006 I was in a much happier place with my size, getting lots of compliments and finding my overall health had improved beyond comprehension! I even managed to get my driving licence back! That meant a whole 12 months without a seizure!

I was running, going to the gym, lifting weight, shopping and even enjoying a Friday night out on the town. What the hell?!?

Only a few years ago my life was horrendous. I couldn’t even be left alone with my children, let alone go out on the razz! But by now I was hooked on exercise and really saw the advantages to a healthy body.

I researched absolutely loads about exercise and seizures, which led to exercise and MS, Diabetes, stroke prevention and more. I was fascinated. Who knew increasing your physical activity levels could be so beneficial to health and so many condition’s? Articles after articles stating a reduction in debilitating conditions like mine when participants increased their exercise levels.

That was it for me. No looking back! Standing looking over my fat photo back in 2002 I said I would never be that guy again, and to this day (2021) I have never allowed him back!

I used that thought to my advantage. I printed about 15 copies of my fat photo (which meant taking them back to the shop and have them develop more) and placed them everywhere!

The fridge, the biscuit tin, the back of the toilet door, bedside table, inside the wardrobe door, inside cupboard doors and even took it to the gym, where I blue tacked it to the cardio kit I used or placed on the floor in front of me when lifting weight. It was everywhere!

This process saved my life!

Eventually, one by one, they started to come down, as I now didn’t need them at the biscuit tin, as I now longer visited it hourly or even daily. I was now in control of what I put in my mouth. I was now in charge. I was no longer “comfort” eating. I now had will power. But at the same time still enjoyed my food. I was NOT starving myself and eating like a rabbit – far from it! I mean, I love food!

Over the years, since 2002 I have still suffered with depression, panic attacks, PTSD, seizures, bereavements, car accidents and god knows what else, but throughout I have used exercise to help me.

In the past 20 years, I have been super skinny, lean, uber fit, muscular and dam strong. But, the one thing I have not been is that guy! It has far from been easy. I have been tested time and time again. 

My focus has changed numerous of times from losing body fat, to running half marathons, to completing oodles of obstacle races, to getting super lean to becoming strong as to now where I want to increase my muscle mass and I know it will change again, and again. But, I have never been that guy!

That guy saved my life, and I am truly thankful to him. 

It has taken me years to understand this however, I understand that was a just one chapter in my book of life and without him or that time I wouldn’t be who I am today and understand the hardships life can throw at you.

You may not love yourself right now and you might even detest yourself right now, but one day, you’ll look back and realise you too are grateful for that person, as they were the one who sculpted your future self.
Self-esteem is a state of mind and YOU are in control.

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