Workout locally with like-minded people. 
We are the longest running Bootcamp in Hucknall. 

Simon Gunn 
The Bootcamp Man

Simon is the founder and head coach of Jelly Fitness, the company who create healthier lifestyles for busy individuals. 
All fitness levels welcome!

We pride ourselves on catering for just about everyone! 
If you're unfit, injured, pregnant or super fit, we have something for you!

Not Sargent Majors!

Please don't let the term "Bootcamp" put you off, we are not Sargent Majors, we don't bite and we certainly don't take ourselves too seriously! 

New Workouts Each Week 

Every session is different to keep
you and your body on your toes!
A mixture of cardio, bodyweight, tyres, kettlebells, circuits, bands and more to keep you engaged!

Just £2.50!

We pride ourselves on being affordable and we have never changed our prices! PAYG is just £2.50 per session! 


Support And Motivation

With 10 years experience and three trainers, know we will look after you and support you! 
We have participants who have been with us over 8 years and attend twice or three times a week, so what does that tell you?

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Join us now and see what all the fuss is about. 

Either head to or hit a big orange button. 

Movement boosts mood

Exercise and movement releases chemicals which the brain loves! 
These chemicals make us feel happier and as a result your mood improves! 

Increase self-esteem

By moving more you will create a new energy within the body and as a result you will change shape. These factors along with lots more which movement brings helps increase your self-esteem. 

Green spaces boost mood! 

Its a well know fact being in green spaces helps produce happy hormones, so being at Bootcamp with us moving more, you're really going to help boost your mood! 

OPTION 1 - Pay as you go 
Use the Bootcamp Pay As You Go Ticket 
  • One time use ticket.
  • Tuesday & Thursdays at 6pm and Sundays at 930am 
  • Wood Lane, Hucknall, Notts, NG15 7FB
  • Booking is required via our booking system. Payment will be made here. 
  • If you cancel under 6 hours or do not attend you will not be refunded.  

Find us on Wood Lane, Hucknall, Notts, NG15 7FB

Park alongside the site. 

Please be mindful of your parking, do not block any drives or park on the brow of the hill or obstruct the highway or park on the pavements. We ask you park on the same side as Bootcamp only as this is a busy road with large buses. 
Please aim to park on Wood Lane only. 

Use NG15 7FB for the sat nav. Wood Lane, Hucknall, Nottingham,


Do I have to book even for a free first time session?

Yes! We ask everyone book on please. This allows us to plan a session, know how much kit to bring, if needed, ratio to trainers to participants and creates a health and safety register. 

How long is each session?

one hour. Each session roughly consists of a 5 minute warm up, 50 minute session and 5 minute cool down. We take regular breaks and encourage anyone who needs to, to step out and take a few minutes rest and recovery. 

I am unfit and haven't worked out in ages, is this suitable for me?

Most defientley!!! We are proud to be able to cater for just about all levels of fitness and can change exercises to suit the needs of the participant. We are here to help you become fitter and everyone else has been there and understands. We have a lovely group of like minded people at Jelly Fitness and no one will judge!

Simon, set Jelly Fitness up back in 2010 to help you after all the bad information out there. Simon himself was really overweight at one point and has created this business to help others, so come and start your journey with us and learn how to create a healthy lifestyle.

When are Bootcamps?

Tuesday's and Thursday's at 6pm and Sundays 930am. 

How do I pay?

If using the Pay As You Go tickets, the booking system will take your card details. 

Do you do them in all weathers?

Yes and no... 
We aim to cancel as little as possible however, your safety is ALWAYS the most important factor! 

We have some limits - heavy snow, where we cannot see the ground or the roads become dangerous to drive on is a NO. High winds is tricky as the trees on site are old and we are the highest point around means sometimes we have had to cancel. Any temperature above 30 degrees isn't a good idea to exercise in and the shade on site isn't sufficient for 30 people. We have only had a couple of floods on site other than that all rain levels is a go! 

If we ever do cancel because of the weather we will notify you on via Text, Email (ensure your details are correct on the booking system) and social media to ensure everyone is notified. 

Do you still run sessions in winter?

OOOOOOH Yea! We have several outdoor lights which light up the site as well as the street lamps. Winter sessions are the best! Of course, the weather will determine as above. 

What do I need to bring with me?

Not a lot to be fair. Just consider a few things. 
Please do bring plenty of water/juice. Please do bring at least one decent size bottle of of water/juice with you. Aim for a large 750ml to 2l bottle. 

Wear layers appropriate to the weather. You WILL get hot and sweaty, especially in the colder months so layer up as you will want to strip off. We have storage boxes for your items, but these will be shared with other participants. 

Maybe have a bag in the car with a spare pair of trainers to change if muddy and wet. 
Consider a peaked hat/cap in summer and winter.  

I have an injury or condition, what do I do?

We cater for all levels of fitness and have lots of participants with wrist, knee, ankle, back, shoulder injuires/issues and provide "simplified" or alternative exercises for you. All we ask, is you let us know.

If you have something you'd like to discuss with Simon, Head Coach, first, please get in touch with him.
CLICK HERE to access his details

Will you help me with my food etc?

Yes of course. We can help with everything health and fitness related. Food, mindset, injuries, aches, pains, niggles and so much more.

Simon, the founder of Jelly Fitness is a level 6 Human Performance Coach. If you think a personal trainer is a level 3.

We are here to help you, all you have to do is ask.

Can I store my belongings?

Yes of course. We have waterproof boxes on site at every session to store your belongings. Please note these are shared with other participants and we take no responsibility for anything stored. You store items at your own risk. 


The Team: Jacqueline, Simon & Sara 

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